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Broom Of Cowdenknows, The

Title: Broom Of Cowdenknows, The
Additional Title:
First Line: How blythe ilk morn was I to see, My swain come o'er the hill,
First Line of Chorus: O the broom, the bonny, bonny broom
Additional Names:
Publication Date: 1821
Instrumentation: Piano
Subject: Scottish
WIMA Collections: Irish Fest Collection
ID: IF SL 00-693
Publisher: G. E. Blake
Publication Place: Philadelphia, PA
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Historical Notes

George E. Blake published sheet music at No. 13 South 5th Street from 1821 to 1824.

This version of "The Broom of Cowdenknows" (or Cowdenknowes) includes an older set of lyrics and the accompaniment written by Hayden. The ballad appeared as early as the 1630s as "The Lovely Northerne Lass" and was popular during the last five years of the reign of Jame I. The Child Ballads contains fourteen different sets of lyrics to the song.


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