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My Barney Lies Over The Ocean (The Way He Lied To Me)

Title: My Barney Lies Over The Ocean (The Way He Lied To Me)
Additional Title:
First Line: Barney Carney promised he'd be true to Molly O,
First Line of Chorus: My Barney lies over the ocean,
  • Lewis, Sam M.
  • Young, Joe
  • Grant, Bert F.
Additional Names:
Publication Date: 1919
Instrumentation: Piano
Subject: World War I
WIMA Collections: Ed and Cathy Ward Collection
ID: ECW SL 00-242
Publisher: Waterson, Berlin & Snyder Co.
Publication Place: New York, NY
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Barney Carney promised he'd be true to Molly O,
The day he went away to war about a year ago;
In ev'ry note Barney wrote he called her 'Ma Cherie,'
She read the name and said with same, "this isn't meant for me."
All the neighbors noticed there were tear drops in her eye;
And when they asked her how was Barney, she'd begin to cry;


My Barney lies over the ocean,
My Barney lies over the sea;
Sure he said he went to war to help the women,
And I think he's helped himself to two or three;
Now he's got a little girl in Belgium, and one in Paree,
And I know the little things he tells 'em, when they're on his knee,
Sure my Barney lies over the ocean,
Just the way he lied to me.

My Barney wrote a letter home the day the war was through,
He started off with 'Molly, dear, I'm coming home to you;'
He didn't say what week or day, nor did he say what year,
And Molly O, said "wurra woe, it's all a joke I fear."
People said he'd have to wait until the ships come back;
And Molly said "why wait for them, why don't he take a hack?"

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