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Songs of Irish Freedom

Songs of Irish Freedom - Irish Sheet Music ArchivesThe struggle for an independent Ireland, from the 1803 Rebellion of Robert Emmet through the Irish War of Independence in the 1920s, inspired a number of songs written and published in the United States from the mid-1800s to the early decades of the 1900s. Many of the songs' lyrics rely on historic Irish imagery from throughout history, and much of the cover art is reminiscent of other Tin Pan Alley era Irish American illustrations.

Fenian Rising

The Fenian Rising of 1867 generated two pieces of sheet music in our collections. Although only the cover of "When Erin Shall Stand 'Mid the Isles of the Sea" exists, it evokes famed nationalist Robert Emmet as inspiration. "When Fenians Fight for Freedom" is dedictaed to Fenian wives and daughters, likely written in wake of the failed rising. Set as an Irish jig, the song's lyrics wraps its heroes in green and uses Wolfe Tone's United Irishman green harp flag as a symbol.

Read more about the Fenian Rising and examples from our sheet music collections in the post A Musical and Artistic Glimpse Inside the Fenians…150 Years Later on our CelticMKE blog, The Analog Beat.

Home Rule

A major political crisis over Home Rule or Irish self-government occurred before the outbreak of the First World War. The Third Home Rule Act was signed into law in September of 1914, although operation of the Bill was suspended during the war. The start of the war in 1914 temporarily defused armed tensions between Unionists and Nationalists. A total of 206,000 Irish served in the British forces during the war.

Several pieces of sheet music celebrate the politicians forwarding the Home Rule movement leading up to 1914. The cover of "Dear Ireland When You're Free" features drawings of Charles Stewart Parnell and Robert Emmet. "Home-Rule for Ireland" celebrates the passing of the Home Rule Act and politician John Redmond's contributions. "Since Home Rule's Come to Ireland" paints a joyous, united Ireland that fails to note the impending discord.

1916 Easter Rising and Irish War of Independence

A handful of pieces of sheet music in the collection reflect on the Easter Rising of 1916. "Sacrifice For Erin" deals with a captured and executed Irish Volunteer, and the cover features the green harp flag associated with the United Irishman. "The Orange, The White, And The Green : The Song of Erin's Flag" celebrates the Irish tricolour flag, raised about the General Post Office during the Rising. "Soldiers of Erin" also features the Irish tricolour; this setting by Victor Herbert benefited the Gaelic League of Ireland.

Several pieces of sheet music published during the Irish War of Independence depict Eamon de Valera, and "Up! Erin Up!" was dedicated to the Friends of Irish Freedom, an Irish American organization that raised funds to assist dependents who fought in the Rising. Many other songs expressed Irish American support of Ireland during the War of Independence, including "We're With You Dear Ireland" and "Here's To Old Ireland."

Sheet Music - Songs of Irish Freedom

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Are You For Ireland? IF SM 01-895
  • Egan, Thomas
View Details
By The Clear Lakes Of Killarney: A Volunteer's Farewell To His Colleen IF SL 01-312
  • Gallagher, J. J.
  • Madin, George H.
  • Belden, Jud S.
View Details
Dear Ireland When You're Free IF SL 02-379
  • Sweeney, P. J.
  • Noble, J. A.
View Details
Fenian Galop, The IF SL 01-373
  • Skedaddle, Charley
View Details
Give Me The Flag Of Old Ireland For It's Next To The Red, White And Blue IF SL 01-304
  • Turner, D. D.
  • Jerreld, Charles J. W.
View Details
Help Ireland (Win Her Cause) IF SM 01-241
  • Franzzini, A.
View Details
Here's To Old Ireland IF SL 01-420
  • Longmuir, G.
View Details
Home-Rule For Ireland IF SL 01-457
  • Erdman, Ernie
  • Lewis, Rodger
View Details
I Had A Dream That Ireland Was Free (Among The Nations Of The Earth) IF SL 01-101
  • Johnstone, Gordon
  • Krams, Samuel S.
View Details
If They Don't Want The Irish In Ireland Let's Bring Them Over Here IF SL 02-349
  • West, Eugene
  • Roland, Clyde
View Details
Ireland's Freedom ECW SL 00-231
  • O'Brien, Gerald
  • Artane
View Details
Irish Patriot, TheIF SL 02-871
  • Kendall, Edwin
View Details
Irish Volunteer, The IF SL 00-314
  • Gormley, Thomas
View Details
Let's Help The Irish Now IF SM 00-346
  • Frisch, Billy
  • Grossman, Bernie
View Details
Now's The Time To Set Old Ireland Free IF SL 00-793
  • Fullwood, Charles E.
View Details
Orange, The White, And The Green : The Song of Erin's Flag, The IF SL 00-509
  • O'Dowd, Thomas
View Details
Our Own Little Isle IF SL 01-126
  • Fermoy
View Details
Sacrifice For Erin IF SL 01-515
  • Rourke, Bert
View Details
Shan Van VochtIF SL 03-491
  • Doheny, Michael
View Details
Since Home Rule's Come To Ireland ECW SL 00-113
  • Kelly, Jamie
  • Morin Sisters
View Details
Soldiers Of Erin : The Rallying Song Of The Irish Volunteers IF SL 01-460
  • Herbert, Victor
  • Kearney, Peter
View Details
Up! De Valera Up! The Republic IF SL 02-169
  • O'Dowd, Thomas
View Details
Up! Erin, Up! IF SL 01-456
  • Andrews, George J.
  • Cornell, J. Patrick
View Details
Volunteer March - Song IF SL 01-860
  • Meelish, M. C.
View Details
We're With You Dear Ireland IF SM 00-453
  • Rogers, Mrs. Wilfarene
  • Rogers, Meinard
View Details
When Erin Shall Stand 'Mid The Isles Of The Sea IF SL 02-308View Details
When Fenians Fight For Freedom IF SL 00-845
  • Tucker, Henry
  • Wood, Henry
View Details
Why Not Sing "Wearin' Of The Green" IF SL 00-367
  • Glogau, Jack
  • Johnson, Howard
View Details
Wrap The Green Flag Round Me Boys IF SL 00-365
  • Crofts, Joseph M.
  • O'Reilly, Kevin
View Details

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